Bürgerbegegnung 13. Februar 2017 | Mohammad Al Attar: Die gemeinsame Erfahrung der vom Krieg Betroffenen überwindet Differenzen

Der renommierte syrische Theaterautor Mohammad Al Attar wird mit einer Rede an der Bürgerbegegnung zum 13. Februar 2017 im Kleinen Haus des Staatsschauspiels teilnehmen.

Mohammad Al Attar: Meine Rede

My speech should address the issue of war disasters & tragedies that are still happening generation after generation, even though every time we say ‚Never Again‘. Naturally in my speech, i’ll focus on Syria (my home country), in a way to put its current tragedy in a relation to the international political and moral failure. The significance of the brutal bombing on Dresden in 1945, will be of course a starting point to show how much war casualties across the globe have in common in terms of suffering, forced displacement and trauma. The vulnerability of different war victims make them so close to each others regardless of nationalists, race or religion differences. Indeed this shared trauma / experience, could be the only way to bridge the gap between our differences, despite the hatred of the fanatics, close minded, fascists, and Far Right wings supporters.

Mohammad Al Attar: Biografie

A Syrian playwright and dramaturge. Graduated with a degree in English literature from Damascus University in 2002; and a degree in Theatrical Studies from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus in 2007. He also received a Masters in Applied Drama (with special focus on the political & social role of theater), from Goldsmiths, London in 2010.

His theatrical works like: »Withdrawal«, »Samah« , »Online«, »Look at the street…this is what hope looks like«, »Could You Please Look into the Camera?«, »A Chance Encounter«, »Intimacy« and »Antigone of Shatila«, have been performed in Damascus, London, New York, Seoul, Berlin, Brussels, Edinburgh, Tunis, Athens, Marseilles, Beirut and elsewhere.

His Last piece »While I was waiting«, directed by Omar Abusaada, has premiered in Kunsten Festival, Brussels in May 2016, and was selected for the official program of the 70th edition of Festival D’Avignon.

He has written for numerous magazines and newspapers, with a special focus recently on the Syrian Uprising. Beside his writings for stage, he continues his work using theater in projects with marginalized groups across the Arab World.